We stock and supply UN Certified Packing Materials, Absorbent Materials, Hazard Labels and Marks, Hazard Placards, Excepted Quantities and Limited Quantities Marks and  Additional Marks, to guarantee the safety of your shipment to its destination. 
Our product range gives you access to a variety of publications solutions, software that is constantly updated to comply with applicable rules and regulations and for the Safety &  Security level of the workplace, we advise and supply Tools, Tips and Techniques. 
DGM also has an amazing solution to transport explosives and we offer fully tested  Explosafe containers for any industry. 

DG Materials
DGM provides a wide variety of publications solutions such as Dangerous Goods Regulations, CD´s, dangerous goods posters, manuals and others. 
  • UN Certified Packing Materials - single, intermediate and outer packages- in all shapes and forms for any class/division. 
  • Absorbent Materials 
  • Hazard Labels and Marks - wide variety of fully compliant hazard labels for all classes 
  • Hazard Placards - wide variety of fully compliant hazard placards for all classes 
  • Excepted Quantities and Limited Quantities Marks 
  • Additional Marks
Security and Safety
DGM Nigeria supplies equipment for handling dangerous goods and hazardous materials to protect staff in case of incidents and accidents or when certain activities - liquids or decanting powders, granulates or other solids - need to be performed. Spill kits or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are good examples but also handling equipment for barrels, boxes and jerri-cans can be delivered. 
In the management of dangerous goods and hazardous materials, a top priority is to reduce or minimize risk. DGOffice supports you in that, all the way. What’s more, it allows you to concentrate on what you need or want to do with your dangerous goods and hazardous materials. It provides insight in what is allowed and obligatory in the trade, storage, handling and transportation. It fulfills all the required documentation and labeling needs. It let’s you stay on top of what’s happening. It ensures you stay compliant with legislation. It allows you to keep the risk at a minimum against affordable costs. 
DGOffice.net is the comprehensive online software suite that contains everything to manage all of your dangerous goods related activities. With DGOffice.net you save time and money, while reducing failures. Tailor DGOffice to your needs by picking just the software modules you require. When your needs change, expand at the mere click of a button. 
DGOffice.net is constantly updated to continuously comply with the applicable rules and regulations.
DGM has already an amazing solution to transport explosives and offers fully tested Explosafe containers to the industry. 
For detailed information of the Explosafe, please download our Explosafe brochure.